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Oregon Fishing Guide
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We specialize in fishing the most popular rivers and bays in the Northwest. We fish the Columbia River from the mouth of the Columbia at Buoy 10 to Bonneville dam. We fish the Oregon North Coast rivers and bays including Nehalem Bay, the Nestucca River and Bay, Tillamook Bay and the Wilson River. Most of these fisheries are for Salmon, Fall Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon and Steelhead. In some areas we also offer crabbing trips.
Near Portland, Oregon we fish a very popular stretch of the Columbia River and the Willamette River. This area offers Sturgeon fishing, Salmon fishing, Steelhead and Coho Salmon fishing. Annual Shad runs up the Willamette River often produce counts in the hundreds of thousands and the fishing can be fast and furious. A little further South we also fish the Siletz River.

We have a brand-new six passenger jet sled and a three passenger drift boat that is like new and we offer fishing adventures on popular Northwest Oregon rivers and bays 12 months of the year. This year we were voted by you as one of the top 10 Oregon fishing guides on the www.Top-10-Fishing.com website. Come join us for an outstanding fishing adventure and you'll see why.

Your Oregon Fishing Guide: Hello, my name is Bruce Goins and I am your guide at Goins Outdoor Adventures. Thank you for visiting my website. As an Oregon fishing guide I specialize in fishing for Salmon Steelhead and Sturgeon. I offer drift boat and powerboat trips on the most popular Northwest rivers and bays. I have been fishing popular Oregon rivers in the Northwest for Salmon Steelhead and Sturgeon for over 20 years now and that experience has taught me techniques and tactics to catch fish when almost nobody else is catching fish. I welcome both experienced fishermen and women as well as novice anglers and while fishing I welcome any questions about the fishing techniques I use. One of the great advantages of a guided fishing trip is that not only do you catch prize Salmon Sturgeon and Steelhead but you can also learn in a day some of the secrets and techniques that it took me over 20 years to discover.

Fishing Techniques & Locations:     I employ various techniques and fishing strategies as we'll be doing everything from side drifting to bobber fishing, diver and bait fishing, pulling plugs and trolling spinners and herring. I offer guided fishing trips on the Columbia River from Buoy 10 to Bonneville dam. I fish the Willamette River that runs through downtown Portland, Oregon, the North Santiam River, the Nestucca River and Bay, Nehalem Bay, the Siletz River and Bay, Tillamook Bay and the Wilson River.

Winter Run Steelhead: I start fishing in December for Steelhead on all the popular Northwest coastal rivers and the Winter Run Steelhead fishery stays very strong all the way into the first part of April. Primarily this fishing is done on the Nestucca River but locations change due to conditions of rivers, fish counts and other factors. This is truly an awesome fishery with native Steelhead and hatchery fish weighing up to 20 pounds. Anglers on these trips often experience double-digit hookups.

     Spring Chinook: Spring Chinook fishing is extremely popular in Oregon and every year anglers come from all around the world to take part in the annual spring Chinook runs. These spring Salmon “Springers” are the very best tasting Salmon of all and pound for pound the hardest fighters. We start targeting these fish in the Columbia River in March and once the Columbia River closes we follow them up the Willamette River which runs through downtown Portland, Oregon. Around the end of May we start fishing for spring Chinook and Summer Steelhead on Oregon coastal rivers such as the popular Nestucca River. This fishery runs through early August.

    Fall Chinook. Fall Chinook fishing in the Northwest is what everybody waits for all year long and what everybody talks about all year long. We target Fall Chinook and Coho Salmon that are in abundance on the lower Columbia River. This fishery is known as the world-famous Buoy 10 Salmon fishing. Limits for the entire boat are common at Buoy 10. These fish are often huge and the meat is very pink as they are coming in fresh from the Pacific Ocean. If you like catching lots of Salmon, lots of big Salmon, and seeing beautiful scenery and wildlife, this is the place to be.
     Be sure to bring your camera because in addition to taking pictures of your fish, you will quickly find that this part of the Columbia River has something special to view in every direction you look. Whether it’s bald Eagles, seals and sea lions, or just the other boats landing fish, this will be a visual experience you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life.


     At some point in September the lower end of the Columbia River will close. At that point we move up the Columbia to Bonneville dam and continue fishing for large Fall Chinook Salmon.

     Large King Salmon: Depending on conditions and several factors, at some point in September and or October we move on to the Nehalem and Tillamook Bay area where the largest Fall Chinook Salmon in the world are caught. These fish are more popularly known as King Salmon and they can run up to and over 50 pounds. As the fall rains begin these fish will move up into some of the smaller rivers, such as the Nestucca River and we will employ back bouncing techniques and fishing with bobbers. This fishery normally runs through November.

     Sturgeon: We fish for Sturgeon year round on the Columbia River and Willamette River. This fishery is changing to a "catch and release" fishery but we don't have to always bring a fish home to have a awesome day on the water. If you're looking to catch big numbers of hard fighting fish, with fish in the 8 to 10 foot range being common events, then contact me while good seats are still available and lets go fishing.

     GOINS OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: Now a little about your options with our guide service. If we are doing a drift boat trip we will be fishing from a roomy 17x60 Willie drift boat that will fish up to 3 with no problem. If you choose a power boat trip we will be fishing in style from a brand new 25 foot Willie Raptor that will fish up to 6 in true comfort. We only use the very best boats, rods, reels, and bait we can get our hands on.


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