So far 2017 is looking to be a high water Columbia river spring Chinook fishing season. With cold water and levels reaching flood stage on Columbia river we as fishermen need to change our game plans. This does not mean it is not worth giving it a go. You can not catch one of Oregon’s prize spring salmon if you don’t try. On a high water Columbia river spring Chinook season you need to work even harder, but this can make success even sweater.

Now that you have decided heck with it, I’m going fishing. You will need to take several thing into consideration before jumping on the Columbia. First and most important when going high water Columbia spring Chinook fishing is safety. When the Columbia is at very high levels you need to watch out for debris floating that will hinder your travel. Even choosing a anchor spot you need to think about debris coming down the river.

Now that your ready to fish, were do you start fishing on a high water Columbia river spring Chinook season? The two most popular approaches are to anchor fish or troll herring near the bottom. In High water the spring Chinook are going to be traveling closer to shore on a high water years. Spring Chinook are no different then people when the weather sucks they look for shelter from the elements. Salmon are not going to travel Deep on a High water year. Spring Chinook are going to take the path of least resistance with the least amount of debris in the water. They don’t like debris going through their gills making it hard to breath. With this said they are going to hug the bank lines trying to avoid the Debris.

Now that we have narrowed down the Columbia river to bank lines being the best choice to focus our time. Now we need to ask ourselves Anchor fish or troll? Both techniques work and it comes down to personal preference on witch to chose. For me it comes down to debris in the water, current and visibility. If visibility is poor and lots of debris, in my opinion your better to try to intercept them. Find travel route out of the main flow to avoid debris and to give the fish the best chance to find your offering.

There is one thing you will want to do no matter the presentation on a high water Columbia river spring Chinook season. You can not control the viability but you can control smell and vibrations. You are going to want to keep it fresh and keep your plugs tuned. A spring Chinook has a very good sense of smell which should always be considered. I like to change that herring or plug rap often, normally every 30 minutes.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question or just need help booking your next fishing trip.

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