Steelhead Oregon Fishing Guide

Oregon Steelhead Guide

Being a Oregon Steelhead Guide in 2017 was had it’s challenges say the least! To be a Oregon Steelhead Guide you have to be flexible to changing conditions. You can not control mother nature, you can only try to work around her and boy did we in 2017.

My winter Steelhead season started mid December and I’m scheduled to go through April 8th. The season started the same as it is ending with Rain and more rain. As a Oregon Steelhead Guide I have learned what river levels fish the best on all the coastal rivers. I’m in the business to put people on the fish not just give boat rides. With this said with all the rain there was a lot of rescheduling because of high water.

Don’t get me wrong we did our share of catching this season! Fishing was great  between storms and high water events. It was a year of great fishing for a handful of day, then the rains would come. This made it very hard to schedule but we did our best to reschedule around this.

Now about what has been working for me this year. I’m a bait guy and I think I always will be. I know a lot of great Oregon Steelhead Guides that run beads but it just is not my thing. We Bobber dog eggs or side drift eggs on our winter Steelhead trips. With either tactic the idea is to cover water and to know where the Steelhead want to hold depending on water. When the water is high I run a little bigger offering then when the water is low and clear. I might even add yarn for color and profile.

We fished many rivers this year for winter Steelhead. The Wilson fished the most consistent but we found good fish on the Nestucca, Trask and Kilchis also.

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